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Some new curriculum information and dates for your diary were added to this website on 15th January 2019.

Our Curriculum

As well as the life of the school, the school curriculum is developing all the time. School improvement comes from staff and external professionals working together within the school community to embrace new educational thinking and initiatives.

The staff at the school have an understanding of how children learn and what learning should look like for each individual child. They use assessment to plan carefully for each lesson and group.

Those with special needs and a gift or talent are planned for with help from the various departments of the Local Authority and help we buy in privately, for example, music tuition and sports coaching. 

We are honest and realistic about our expertise and experience and always have the child’s best interests at heart.

We will try everything in our power and experience to cater for the needs of individuals, even those children with extreme difficulties who may only stay for a short while but who learn a little from us and, in turn, teach us a lot about diversity and inclusion in our society.

We like to have fun while we are learning.

The school always tries to take advantage of current British and World affairs to give the children the opportunity to develop a sense of identity and community. The whole school celebrates and studies in Special Days together. Examples of this are our annual Sports Weeks, Science Days, Maths Days, World Book Days, Outdoor Learning Week, Anti-bullying and E-safety days and Art In Action Days. We also support regular National Charity days such as Children In Need and Comic Relief / Sports Relief.

Other Special Days spring up whenever teachers plan together!  These days can be held throughout the school, Key Stage or just the year group.  It’s amazing how a special day can capture children’s interest and enthusiasm.  They especially love it when we invite experts, visitors and companies in to help.

The staff are continually trying out new ideas, making exciting trips, getting in visitors and using the community to enhance the provision in school. This is one of the reasons our school is so enjoyable for existing children and attractive to new children.

This amount of enhancement and enjoyment takes time and money to fund it and we rely heavily on our parents and carers for their contributions and time to support our  curriculum and community events.

Click here to download the National Curriculum Document:

The National Curriculum