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Mr Adamson

Mr Adamson's main hobby is tinkering with his classic VW Campervan.

An ideal day for Mr Adamson would be one either spent on a beach in Cornwall or sat outside his campervan in the middle of a field surrounded by nature. If he could go back in time he would go back to the sixties so that he could get an original campervan and travel the world as a hippy.

Not a lot of people know this, but Mr Adamson lived in Quebec in Canada for two years where he learned to speak fluent French.

Mr Adamson can play the guitar and when he was growing up he wanted to be either a journalist or a Police Officer.

If he ruled the world he would make everyone drive VW Campervans. It may not surprise you to know that his hero is a Dutchman by the name of Ben Pon who inspired the creation of the VW split screen Campervan.


Mrs Burnell 

Mrs Burnell likes to go on holiday so she can spend time with her family. Her ideal day is a shopping and spa day. She loves the sixties period for the fashion and the music. 

Children in Asteroid class may like to know that Mrs Burnell was taught by Miss Rushworth in High School! She must have been inspired as she has always wanted to be a teacher.

When Mrs Burnell was a child, she attended Brayton Infants and Juniors - she was very quiet and shy. 

Mrs Burnell loves eating Chinese food, reading Jayne Eyre, Listening to 'This is Me' from 'The Greatest Showman' and watching 'Saturday Morning Kitchen.' Her favourite animal is a Boxer Dog and her favourite film is Disney's 'Moana.'

If Mrs Burnell ruled the world she would put an end to hunger and homelessness and her heroine was Princess Diana who she found to be inspiring - teaching Mrs Burnell that everyone in Society deserves to have a voice.


Mrs Butler

Mrs Butler likes camping, walking, card making and gardening when she has the time. Her ideal day would be spent walking through Edale countryside with a pub lunch at the end of it.

If she could go back in time she would choose the sixties as she likes the retro style.

When she was at school she was not very confident, even though she was in all the top sets and doing well. She was a good runner and she can play the flute - in fact - as a job, she originally wanted to teach others how to play. 

If Mrs Butler could change one thing about the world, she would eradicate homelessness. She does her best to alleviate troubles by supporting charities who help the homeless. On Christmas Day she spent her time serving meals to the homeless. She found it a humbling experience. It's no surprise that she admired Princess Diana for the charity work she did.

Mrs Butler likes books by Lesley Pearce and her favourite film is Bambi. Her favourite song is by the Nolans - "I'm in the mood for dancing.' Now that's a blast from the past!

Mrs Clayton

Mrs Clayton loves cooking, reading, skiing and snowboarding. Her ideal way to spend a day would be to ski down the mountains in the glorious sunshine, It's a natural, genuine environment of beautiful landscapes where she can relax and really feel she has escaped the busy day to day life. It may not surprise you to read that she was once a ski instructor.

If she could go back in time she would travel to the sixties and experience Beatlemania and meet the fab four.

Mrs Clayton loved Primary School and she was inspired by her Headteacher - she wanted to be just like her. Mrs Clayton was a bit of a goodie two shoes who never got into trouble.

Mrs Clayton's heroine is Shonette Bason-Wood. Google her to find out why! 

If Mrs Clayton ruled the world she would spread happiness and help families get through difficult times.

Mr Close

Mr Close enjoys jogging but only when the weather is good! In fact, he even once ran a marathon - but he wouldn't do it again! His ideal day would be to wake up late and after a hearty breakfast, he would climb a fell, then come home and make a tasty meal and collapse on the sofa with a good movie.

If he could go back in time, he would choose the sixties or seventies because of the music and general spirit of those eras. 

Mr Close enjoyed school as a child, but he only did just enough to get by until challenged and then he worked hard to prove people wrong. A rebel - Mr Close!

On a more serious note, when Mr Close was in his youth, he discovered the music of The Doors and their enigmatic lead singer Jim Morrison. He thought the way that he tried to use lyrics and song to inspire / connect to / change people was fascinating. He still does!

Mr Close's favourite food is a sandwich accompanied by crisps. He likes to watch 'Big Bang Theory' and his favourite film is 'Platoon.' 

Mr Close's favourite place is Cumbria - he loves anywhere where there is a fell to climb. His favourite book is 'Have A Nice Day: A tale of blood and sweatsocks' by Mick Foley.

 Mrs Mansell

Mrs Mansell's hobby is Korean kickboxing - gulp! Her ideal day would be spent on Daytona beach with her family.

Mrs Mansell would like to go back to Victorian times - back to a simpler way of life and she likes the way they dressed. 

Mrs Mansell once met a famous 70s DJ in a cafe when she was 7 years old but he was really mean and wouldn't speak - he is not her hero but she has a much better heroine.....her mum who is the most selfless and strongest person she knows. (Ahhhh) 

Mrs Mansell did want to be a chef when she was younger - she is a talented baker and she is good at decorating cakes too.

If Mrs Mansell ruled the world, she would make it completely free to travel - that way everyone would get the same opportunities to see the world. What a good idea!

Chocolate is Mrs Mansell's favourite food. Other things she likes are leopards, Florida, 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl and the film 'Dirty Dancing.' Her favourite song is 'Man In The Mirror' by Michael Jackson.

Mr Osborne

Mr Osborne likes sport of any description. His ideal day would be spent watching his children enjoying themselves and playing together. 

After teaching the Tudors for the last two years, it has slightly gone to Mr Osborne's head and after seeing himself dressed as Henry VIII on World Book Day, he feels he would have been a perfect Tudor king. He would be happy to carry out a ruthless reign!

Before Brayton, Mr Osborne was a Secondary PE teacher. He loved attending his own High School, where fear of missing out playing for school teams made him behave well. 

Not a lot of people know that Mr Osborne can play the piano and his hero is David Attenborough. His favourite food is that old Tudor dish - Lasagne. He likes to watch James Bond films, particularly 'Casino Royale' and on TV he likes 'A League of Their Own.' His favourite book is Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.'

Mrs Osman

Mrs Osman likes to work out. That's handy because her other hobby is baking. Her ideal day would be spent by the seaside eating fish and chips with Mr Osman, their little girl and their dog. 

If Mrs Osman could go back in time she would explore the age of the dinosaurs and discover what the prehistoric world was like - from a a dinosaur proof bubble of course!

Not a lot of people know this but Mrs Osman once went to Australia and while she was there, she climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and swam in the Great Barrier Reef.

When Mrs Osman was a child, she worked really hard at Primary School and loved to read, but when she got to Secondary School, she sometimes got in trouble for talking. She wanted to own her own farm - this must be why, if she ruled the world she would stop all cruelty to animals.

Mrs Osman likes to eat Pizza and watch 'Home and Away.' Her favourite animal is a dog, her favourite book is 'Each Peach Pear Plum' and her hero is Roald Dahl because he wrote some of her favourite childhood books. Her favourite place is at home.

Mrs Robinson 

Mrs Robinson enjoys textiles, cooking, baking and gardening. Her ideal day would be spent walking her three dogs on a sandy beach with Mr Robinson and then  home to watch back to back episodes of Mary Berry programmes while knitting in front of a roaring fire with a plate of peanut butter sandwiches and a cup of tea. 

Mrs Robinson has a not so hidden talent - she thinks in rhyme and just loves to write poetry - especially for children or to make people laugh. In fact, making people laugh is something she really loves to do - so much so, that if she was not a teacher, she would have liked to have been a professional comedian. Talents she would love to have are to be able to sing and play the piano like Mrs Watson. 

If Mrs Robinson ruled the world, she would make sure that there was enough money, food and shelter for all the people to live comfortably.  Her heroine is Mother Teresa. When Mrs Robinson she was little, she wanted to be a nun. (But she had too many bad habits!) Her favourite book is 'Land of Far Beyond' by Enid Blyton and her favourite film is 'It's a wonderful life.' She likes to listen to Paul Weller, Elvis (guilty pleasure), Red Hot Chillies and Ocean Colour Scene.

Miss Rushworth

Miss Rushworth has a wide variety of hobbies, ranging from hill walking and outdoor persuits, to photography, cooking and baking.

Her ideal day would be spent in Nidderdale, walking and then enjoying a nice meal with family and friends around an open fire.

Miss Rushworth enjoyed her own school days. She worked hard and tried to do her best and was fairly quiet. (Hard to believe now!)

Anyone who spends any time with Miss Rushworth knows that she sings. Constantly. She can't help it - she finds that lyrics just pop into her mind and she begins singing wherever she is. 

Miss Rushworth's hero is Nelson Mandela. She feels that he was such a man of principle who acted on his belief and stood up for human rights. If she ruled the world, Miss Rushworth would change selfishness into the desire to share and respect each other.


Mrs Taylor

Mrs Taylor likes to indulge in knitting, travel and eating out. Her ideal day would be spent with her family. 

If she could travel back in time, she would choose the Medieval period as she loves the clothes they wore. This may be why, according to the notice in the office, Mrs Taylor is a legend!

At school Mrs Taylor was quite shy and not very sporty. If she ruled the world she would change the way people see each other. When she was growing up she wanted to work for her Dad in the family business.

Not a lot of people know this, but Mrs Taylor once knitted jumpers for celebrities and they appeared in a magazine!

Her favourite food is fish, her favourite song is Simply Red's 'Holding Back The Years' and her favourite animal is a tiger. (Now the Tigger onesie makes sense!)

Miss Umpleby

Miss Umpleby is  a lady of many hobbies and talents who can make anything out of fondant icing and can also write songs and plays. She even has her scuba-diving qualification.

She enjoys spending time with her nephew and her friends, playing computer games, eating carrots, reading in bed and cake making.

If Miss Umpleby ruled the world she would stop the needless deforestation of the rainforests and would only allow biodegradable plastic on the planet. (Don't get her started on the evils of using glitter and what it does to marine life.) 

Miss Umpleby admires anyone who works hard, improves themselves and puts themselves out to improve the lives of others.

Interestingly for us and embarrassingly for Miss Umpleby, we have it on good authority that she was once in an Australian TV advert selling rugs. Even better - she was wearing a luminous green T-shirt and cap combo! 

Mrs Watson

Mrs Watson bakes, sings, reads, plays music, walks and gardens to relax. Her ideal day would be a picnic in the countryside with her family - eating icecream.

A talented musician - Mrs Watson plays the flute to Grade 8 standard and plays the piano for all our school events. She taught music in India for a year, during which time she met the Dalai Lama.

Mrs Watson admires Rosa Parks because of her bravery in changing things for African Americans. If she ruled the world she would share out all weatlth equally. 

At school she was a quiet pupil who first wanted to be a farmer, then a speech therapist but then a teacher! Her favourite food is (of course) icecream zand her favourite animal is a red panda. 

Mrs Watson likes 'Anne of Green Gables' to read, 'You lift me up' to listen to and 'About Time' to watch. Her favourite place is Foundatins Abbey. Oh - and did we mention that she likes icecream?! 

Mr Wheeler

Mr Wheeler's ideal day has a clear itinerary:

  • 7am McDonald's Breakfast and then drive to Liverpool.
  • 9am Arrive at Anfield for a Stadium Tour.
  • 10am Anfield Museum.
  • 11am Shopping in the club shop.
  • 12:00 Lunch in the Boot Room.
  • 1pm Walk around the ground and see the entertainment.
  • 3pm Watch the game.
  • 6pm Drive home.
  • 8pm Watch the highlights.

Mr Wheeler's hobbies are listed as watching Liverpool, going to Anfield, buying Liverpool kits, watching the Liverpool 2005 Champions League win highlights and driving his new car, ideally to Liverpool.

Mr Wheeler once shook the hand of his hero - Steven Gerrard and had a picture with Fernando Morientes.

Not a lot of people know this but Mr Wheeler can say "Liverpool" backwards while eating a burger. If he ruled the world he would give Liverpool FC an unlimited transfer budget.

When Mr Wheeler was at school, he was football mad and spent every break and lunchtime playing it. He even once kicked a football through his classroom window!

Mr Wheeler's favourite food is Scouse Pie. His favourite book is Steven Gerrard's autobiography. His favourite song is 'You'll never walk alone.' His Favourite TV programme is 'Make Us Dream' which is a Liverpool documentary. His favourite animal is any at Knowsley Safari Park.

We can probably guess where his favourite place is.