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Click on the newsletter tab to read letters sent out this week. Some of last week's POP replies : "My son enjoys his school meals. It's great that there are always alternatives to the main menu choice." "The menu sounds lovely and I hear no massive complaints from my daughter." "My daughter said that they don't taste like what she has at home. I think this is probably due to seasoning restrictions put on schools." "A sandwich option maybe?" "The sausages, curry and spaghetti are all very tasty." "Our boys enjoy pretty much all the school dinners and the jacket potato option is good for the odd meal they dislike."

Complaints Procedure

The child's parent, carer or any person who has been provided with a service at the school can register a complaint. By law, governing bodies must have a complaints procedure in place.

Raising your complaint

You can raise a complaint with a member of school staff/Headteacher either:

  • in person;
  • by telephone; or
  • in writing. 

You will need to be clear about what your complaint is or what your concerns are

  • Is this having any effect on your child?
  • If this relates to an incident; when and where did the incident happen; who else was involved; did anyone see it happen; who was this reported to?
  • What do you think needs to happen to resolve your concern or complaint?

Formal complaints

 We have produced a summary complaints leaflet for parents:


Any complaint brought to the Headteacher that suggests that a child has been at risk of:

  • violence;
  • emotional abuse;
  • sexual interference; or
  • neglect.

may be referred to the social services authority for the area the child lives. If social services decides to investigate, this may delay or replace the school investigation.