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Brayton Primary School is on track to transfer to academy status on 1st October. We will be part of the Star Multi Academy Trust.


Together we will shine as one.


Positive, positive, positive.  

We encourage our children to be like our Brayton Bee 

Brayton Bee:

  • is hardworking

  • never gives up

  • is part of a team

  • gets on with his own job

  • co-operates to get the job done well

  • is important to the success of the team

Just like everyone here - together we will shine as one!



We aim to be a learning community:

  • We aim to show the children that we can always do better, as individuals and as a collective.

  • We aim to celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.

  • We aim to create an environment where children can grow and develop with no limits through participation in their own education – thriving as ‘understanders’ and we aim for them to emerge as learners, not empty vessels waiting to be filled with facts and figures.

  • We aim to enable our children to use their skills to become deep thinkers, responsible role models and leaders of others.

  • We aim to encourage children to see that learning is for our whole lifetime – teachers, governors, parents and carers are learners too.

  • Through modelling the merits of hard work, diligence, open mindedness and reflection, we aim to encourage the Brayton children to shine constantly striving to achieve better mastery of their curriculum key skills.

At Brayton we want to engage children to become skilled and self motivated, lifelong learners, through an enjoyable, relevant curriculum which provides them with:

  • More opportunities

  • More time to talk about learning

  • More helpful comments on marking

  • Less directing

  • More choice

  • More responsibility

  • More collaboration

  • More access to the best resources we can provide – including Computing.

Our curriculum is developing to encourage active participation from our pupils. It aims to encourage them to grow and achieve in a safe environment built on mutual respect.

High quality teaching and learning are promoted within a positive environment that sets out to encourage observation, investigation and development of language skills.  Each and every child is encouraged to work towards high expectations and the development of good relationships.

The school strives to maintain an excellent relationship with parents and the community.  A partnership approach is valued, accepting that home and school each have major influences on the educational and emotional development of the child.  Parents and Carers are welcome and are given the opportunity of contributing to the life and work of the school.

Our excellent links with other schools, professional services and the wider community enable the children to be positive contributors to their own surroundings and thereby develop a sense of pride in their environment.  We strive to maintain a happy, caring and successful school in which all are valued and are proud to belong.


We have core Christian values and these are our guiding principles for behaviour and ethos. They apply to all school stakeholders, not just our children.  Please refer to these on the 'Home School Values' page. Children don’t automatically know how to behave positively in every situation they come across. We try to give them strategies for managing their own behaviour and taking responsibility for their own actions. The ethos of the school is created by the attitudes and values displayed by staff towards the children and each other.

We care deeply for our children and their families, staff also care for each other and it is evident that the children also care for the staff – indeed, we regard ourselves as a family unit. In speech and conduct we aim to uphold these values and establish a harmonious, hard working and safe environment for all.

We give security and friendship.  We show quality appreciation and care. We want the best for everyone in our family – the best care, the best education and the best life chances.

These is a full list of our school values - they form our school rules