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Thank you for all your messages of support and kind gifts this week - you are much appreciated! Information about term time holidays and Head Lice checking coming soon. Don't forget to join us on Thursday morning at school to walk together to church for our Harvest Festivals.

Collective Worship

For all the Christian celebrations, the children take part in collective worship at the church.  We welcome parents to join us in worship at some of these services. 


The Worship Group were responsible for putting together the worship; choosing the readings and songs, along with performing a short play linked to our values from this term which were compassion and generosity.  

It was a pleasure to share our Christmas Service with so many parents and carers, who were all 'actively involved' during the service whilst Rev Pete shared the story of Christmas. 


We enjoyed our Harvest Festival at St. Wilfrid's. Rev Pete explained how a prickly conker's shell protects the conker: representing God, The Father. The soft fleshy middle reminds us that Jesus lived: representing The Son of God. The conker inside is the seed: representing The Holy Spirit.