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Sorry for any inconvenience caused- Tuesday 17th July we are having a moving day; by Wednesday 18th July everyone should be settled in their new classes.

Parent Forum

Parent Representatives act as an extra communication channel between school and parents by:

  • Being a point of contact for parents - to help with or pass on any queries, suggestions or concerns to the class teacher. 
  • Gathering feedback for the school from other parents when we are looking for input into new ideas and to review existing methods in school.
  • Attending meetings with other Parent Reps twice per term to share any feedback from parents with the school’s Senior Leadership Team and delegated Governors.
  • Being positive and supportive of our school.
  • Being a friendly and approachable point of contact for other parents.
  • Building a positive and productive relationship with the year group class teachers.
  • Being a voice for the school – sharing the positive things we do whilst also clarifying any misunderstandings! 

As a group we will send out a monthly bulletin of frequently asked questions and answers to keep all parents up to date.

Here are your parent representatives:

I'm Sarah.  My youngest daughter Amelia is in the school nursery and my eldest Holly is in year 3. I work for a national Wealth Management business in the role of Head of Property. I am usually at school on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I’m Katie Bibby, mum to James (class 5), Matthew (reception) and Edward (nursery).
I would like to help build the communication between school and parents. My background is sales and marketing and I’ve run my own businesses for the last 13 years. I’m generally in the playground most days on drop off and pick up! So please come and find me if you have any ideas or anything you would like me to put forward to school.

I'm Sarah, the year 1 parent rep.  I'm really looking forward to starting a conversation with everyone and helping to get your voices heard.  If you have a question, a grumble or some positive feedback for the school, drop me an email or have a word at the school gates and I'll make sure it's passed on.

My name is Elizabeth Kerry. I am mum to Harrison Kerry in Class 6 and step mum to Abigail who is almost 13. I am an infant teacher in Castleford and love my job, however, my priority in life is my family. Now that I work part time, I would like to have more involvement with my son's school and education which is why I volunteered for this role.

Hi, I'm Amanda and have just one not-so-wee-anymore girl at school in year 3. I work in communications for a council so I thought I might be able to put my experience to good use as a parent rep. I'd be more than happy to chat to anyone at any time to pass on feedback, suggestions, compliments or concerns.

My name is Elaine your parent rep, I am mother to Lewis Andrews in class 9. I work part time for Nestle as a Lab Manager, and as such I hope this helps me to understand the needs both working parents and stay at home mums have, and, being part time, allows me enough free time to carry out this role effectively. My normal working days are Monday to Wednesday and as such these days can be quite hectic, however I am always at school drop off and pick up on Thursday and Friday, so please feel free to come up to me and talk/introduce yourselves then. I will also pick up your emails on a regular basis.

I'm Karen Dawson, mum to two boys.  James in Year 5 and Thomas who has already been through school and is now in his first year at Brayton High.  I was previously a nurse in Trauma, Burns and Plastics for 14 years where communication was key.  Now I support my husband in his local family business.  Just like every other parent at the school, I want the very best for my children.  I want them to be happy, confident and become the very best they can be.  I am keen to support the school and staff but not afraid to ask questions when required, so that it continues to improve and meet the needs of all the children that attend.  As I am at school daily I am approachable and accessible to parents.  I'm always happy to have a chat so, if you see me around and want to ask anything please feel free.

Hi, my name is Nicola Banks and I'm the year 6 parent representative. My son Kieran is in class 13, and my youngest son Joshua is in class 2.  I also have an older son Connor who has already passed through Brayton Primary and is now in year 9 at Brayton High School.