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Brayton Primary School is on track to transfer to academy status on 1st October. We will be part of the Star Multi Academy Trust.

POP Feedback Week 16 25/01/19

We have received some serious criticism from residents around the school, passed on by the Parish Council.  There have been numerous reports of dangerous driving and inconsiderate (sometimes illegal) parking at school run times on the drive that cuts through the green and on Brayton Lane too. Have you noticed this happening?


Click on the link below to see what parents and carers thought:

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We are not alone in having these problems - all Primary Schools find the same problems, simply because when most schools were built, children walked to school.

Please respect residents and other school users when parking and driving.

If you see something illegal or dangerous please report it to the Police. It is not within the school's right to Police the community for traffic offences.

It is worth leaving yourself enough time to park a few minutes away and walk to and from school to avoid rushing and panic which in turn may make you drive in a way so as to attract criticism from other school users.