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Brayton Primary School is on track to transfer to academy status on 1st October. We will be part of the Star Multi Academy Trust.

POP Feedback Week 4 28/09/18

Would you welcome Headlice Checks done once a term at school by school staff? (It goes without saying that the staff would be discreet and confidential if they found any lice or eggs)

We had 70 positive and grateful replies - all saying things on the lines of "yes please" and "we think this is a great idea!"

We then had 12 negative replies:

  1. I don’t feel that the problem with Headlice is the finding of them; it is more the treatment to remove them. Some parents cannot be bothered with this, so I feel you may be wasting staff’s time.
  2. I check my own child’s hair as we wash it twice a week. I’m not sure it is right for school to ‘check’ children’s hair, but do think if they suspect or see lice during normal lessons they should tell parents. I’m sure school staff could be better used to aid children’s learning, and parents should take responsibility for their own child’s health and cleanliness.
  3. I personally think this is the responsibility of the parents, and can’t see it having any impact only being done once a term.
  4. No. This is parent’s responsibility.
  5. No. I feel that should be left to parents.
  6. No – I feel teachers have enough to do and it’s a parental responsibility!
  7. Which staff? Staff are employed to educate and/or support children with their learning. As a school with tight budgets & attainment targets, we question how this can be practical? It’s a parents/carers responsibility.
  8. I believe that this is very much the role of a parent. I would not wish for my child to be subject to a termly headlice check at school.
  9. Absolutely NOT!
  10. No!
  11. I check my children regularly, so don’t feel as this is an issue.
  12. We check at home.

And 6 replies with queries:

  1. No – I check my children are checked on a regular basis. However, if a teacher suspected headlice, I believe they should be able to check that child and inform the parent discreetly.
  2. Yes – would be happy for this if done in a controlled manner!! (My primary school once had an epidemic when the head combed every child’s head with the same comb!!)
  3. Yes – but what is your action if/when lice or eggs are found? Tell parents? Send children home until treated etc ………. What if it’s the same children each check?
  4. Is this really the teacher’s job? Happy either way but this should be completed by parents (unfortunately I appreciate this is not the case).
  5. Yes, this would be wonderful. To what extent would ‘discoveries’ be confidential? In the past my child has had head lice on two occasions. I informed the school immediately and assumed other parents would be informed so that they could check/take evasive action, but nothing ever came.  I ended up going around at pick up letting all the parents know myself.
  6. I do not feel this is the role of a teacher and parents should take responsibility to check their child. However if this is what will happen I am happy for my children to be checked.

So -  in response to this data, here is a copy of the nit check letter sent out, along with information on how to completely eradicate Head Lice from our school.

Nit check letter

Honest Guide to Headlice