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Brayton Primary School is on track to transfer to academy status on 1st October. We will be part of the Star Multi Academy Trust.


POP Feedback Week 1 07/09/18

How has your child settled into the first week of term?

We had 89 completely positive replies - here are just some of them:

1.      My son has thoroughly enjoyed his first week at school. He loves asking me if it is a school night and whether he can see his friends and teachers soon. He’s told me he does lots of playing and likes the school dinners.

2.      My son has settled quickly into his return to school after the summer holidays. It’s almost as if he hasn’t been away and he seems to have gotten straight back into the swing of things. 

3.      Ok thank you. She likes her new teacher and teaching assistant. She likes her new classroom (Neptune.) She also likes her new Headteacher. She is happy to be back with her friends. We are happy that she is happy and feel positive about the new Headteacher and her communication so far has been great. 

4.      Both my children have settled back into school really well. They both really like their new teachers and classrooms.

5.      My daughter has really enjoyed her first week back. She enjoyed learning about the new rewards scheme, Brayton Bee. It’s nice to see the website being used and updated and a huge improvement in communication. A really nice, positive start to the year thank you everyone and Mrs Robinson.

6.      Excellently! Really enjoying the new changes (Brayton Bee and red slips etc. From a parent point of view I am loving the frequent communication via text / email. Thank you!

7.      He has loved it, he has talked a lot about the enthusiastic teaching, thank you!

8.      Both my girls have settled in lovely. My eldest has her usual wobble which she has after every school holiday as she hates to leave mummy, but she has gotten over it much quicker this time and seems settled now. My youngest has settled brilliantly as I expected se would so I am a relaxed, contented mummy!

9.      Good first week. Has been coming home and explaining new things that are happening in school i.e. Brayton Bees.

10.   Good, brilliant, enjoying it so far.

11.   My daughter had a really good first week back after the holidays.

12.   Very well – my daughter is extremely happy with her new teacher and has settled into Y5 well!

13.   Very well – no issues thank you.

14.   My daughter has come back to school well – although very tired! She’s been very excited to receive bees this week. It’s a lovely concept that they get to hold onto it and post it after an adult giving them one. After having three teachers last year it is nice to have the opportunity of keeping both teacher and TA into Y2.


We had a further 31 comments which were mostly positive but with slightly mixed feelings or a small worry. 

We had 4 negative replies that were mainly concerned with friendship issues or children finding separation from parents difficult.


Some ideas / issues raised and comments from us:


1.      Homework – pitched to child’s ability.

Our Homework Policy is currently under review - coming after half term.


2.      Communication with parents – text messages not specific enough.

Message received and understood - thank you.


3.      Parents want opportunities to meet the new teacher in July.

Already in the diary - celebration evening planned.


4.      KS2 doors - crowded.

We agree - hence the new arrangements for Y3 home time exits.


5.      Reading books pitched to a child’s ability.

We are changing our reading scheme to a phonically based structure - Oxford Reading Tree - more info as we get it.


6.      Explanation needed of Teacher Training Days.

Information on these statutory days can be found by clicking this link:

Inset Days


7.      Friendships issues.

Mrs Butler is here to help. Please get in touch to discuss any issues that she can help to sort out.


8.      Information on PE days.

Message received and understood - thank you.


9.      Crowding in KS1 cloaks and classes first thing in the morning.

We agree - hence the lining up changes in KS1 playground.


10.   Staffing structure to parents.

Please click on the following link:

Brayton Staffing Structure


12.   School dinner quality.

We are intrigued! We will make this the subject of another POP!