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Please join us for the Y6 Guard of Honour on Friday at 3pm on the KS2 playground. Break a leg to all the Brayton's Got Talent finalists - we are looking forward to a good show on Friday afternoon. Thank you for all your report reply slips - we are very proud of our children and hope you are too.

POP Feedback

Week 14 13/12/18

We’ve been truly humbled, overwhelmed and blessed by a huge amount of positivity and support from parents and carers this week.  You seem as determined as we are and are willing to help us to continue turning this school around.  There are a couple of common themes coming out of your feedback- one is that enhanced communication and enjoyment has come to Brayton recently and the other is that you can see tighter boundaries and higher expectations are now in place. 

This is your chance to give us your comments if you haven’t already done so. You don’t have to sign your POP but if you’d like a response, please do feel free to sign it.

Once again-thank you for your support-it means the world to us and obviously makes the world of difference to the children.

Please click on the link below to see what the parents and carers thought:

Click here