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Brayton Bee's Rhyme: I’m Brayton Bee - I’m a family guy. I’m buzzing and busy as the day rolls by. I flit and I fly, helping flowers to grow. When my work is done, then away I go. Back to my hive with pollen I race. Helping to make it a sweeter place. Be smart, work hard, with a smile like mine. And earn those bees for Golden Time!~~~ Look on the Brayton Bee page for next week's class targets.

POP Feedback

Week 15 18/01/19

We love your children dearly, we really do, but we have noticed that we have to nag a great many of them to use a knife and fork when they are eating! Some of them – even the older ones, don’t automatically use them. Have you noticed the same? What are they like at home? Why do you think this is? Do you think old fashioned table manners are important?

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