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Brayton Primary School is on track to transfer to academy status on 1st October. We will be part of the Star Multi Academy Trust.


POP Feedback Week 2 14/09/18

We want to provide tasty, popular and nourishing hot meals for your child. How do you think we are doing?

We had 29 completely positive replies - here are just some of them:


1.      My children take pack ups but on the odd occasion they do have a hot school lunch, they do enjoy them.

2.      A great job! Jacket potato with cheese is only once a week – would be nice if it could be more often.

3.      My son loved the spaghetti Bolognese and cakes. He also likes the water. He says he’s trying new vegetables. He thinks Lasagne and gammon would be nice on the menu. We think the menu has a great variety of foods on and an opportunity for parents to come in would be great.

4.      My son is thoroughly enjoying all of his school lunches and is also happy trying new foods.

5.      Great – my son loves it! It would be great to get the children more involved wherever possible in the planning of the menu and with understanding healthy eating.

6.      My son says he loves the school dinners. He says that is why he never chooses the jacket potato option, because he thinks the dinners are so good!

7.      My daughter says she enjoys her dinner at school. 

8.      Very well. My youngest son has school lunches and I think they are nutritious and varied, whilst keeping the fish fingers / pizza type food to keep them interested!

9.      Our daughter enjoys the school meals when she chooses to have one. She says they are very tasty.

10.   The menu looks lovely. My daughter is usually quite good at trying different foods but she probably prefers fairly simple food. There’s a great range of options.

11.   Great! The menu is extensive and seems to be popular with our child. We love that we get to see what she’ll be eating.

12.   My daughter tells us she really enjoys her dinner. The menus are well varied and nutritious.

13.   Good

14.   Great – my son has tried lots of new foods and is enjoying the school dinners. His feedback was portions are not quite big enough and need more gravy!!!

15.   The school cook and team do a great job and it’s lovely that they go to the effort of adding in special lunches to celebrate different occasions throughout the year – this is appreciated, thank you. Healthy meals are important to us and we encourage our children to try everything. We’re less keen on the offer of pizza and burgers etc. but do understand that these meals will appeal to the children.


We had a further 32 comments which were mostly positive but with slightly mixed feelings or a small worry. 

We had 9 negative replies that were mainly concerned with price or jacket potatoes!


Issues / ideas raised:

1.      Price

2.      Send menu home / publish on website 

Leave this with us!

3.      Combination of hot dinner with potato on the side.

4.      Can we have lasagne or gammon?

5.      Parents in for lunch.

Already planned in. News nearer the time.

6.      More toppings for jacket potatoes – dry?

7.      School packed lunch option – grab bag?

8.      Portion sizes.

9.      Should stickers be given out – doe this cause over-eating?

We will discuss this as a staff and with the children and we will get back to you.

10.   Sauces and gravy – can there be more and optional?

11.   Is food overcooked?

12.   More fruit requested.

13.   Puddings not always going down well.

14.   Sweets allowed for birthdays for after school.

We will make this the subject of a future POP.

15.   More options for ‘sides.’

16.   Pizza- some love it some don’t.

17.   How can parents find out whether children are eating their dinner or not?

Leave this with us!

18.   Is the meat chewy? Supplier?


As the food is prepared by the Local Authority staff, there is very little the school itself can actually change about it. However, we have passed all of your comments onto Mrs Thorpe, our lovely cook and she says she is able to incorporate some of these ideas straight away and she will discuss others with her line managers