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Brayton Bee's Rhyme: I’m Brayton Bee - I’m a family guy. I’m buzzing and busy as the day rolls by. I flit and I fly, helping flowers to grow. When my work is done, then away I go. Back to my hive with pollen I race. Helping to make it a sweeter place. Be smart, work hard, with a smile like mine. And earn those bees for Golden Time!~~~ Look on the Brayton Bee page for next week's class targets.

Pop Feedback 

Week 7 19/10/18

We are making changes to the way we teach phonics, spelling, handwriting and reading in school.
Would you be interested in volunteering to listen to children read at school? (Training provided). Do you have trouble getting your child to read regularly at home?

Please click on the link below to find out what parents and carers thought:

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