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Y2 Information on SATs for parents and carers


Over the years there has been a huge leap in expectations for all children in Year 2 nationally. The good news is they are rising to it!

Year 2 SATs will take place at the end of May. It would be really helpful if there are no Year 2 absences in the run up to and including this week please.


The children will compete two reading papers. There will be fiction and a non-fiction text in each paper.  The second paper is harder than the first paper.


Tick the correct answer:

Sequencing / Ordering

How can you help with reading at home?

  • Read with your child at home as often as you can – we cannot stress enough how important it is, it will help them achieve in all other subjects.  Ask them to read to you but keep reading to them too – it teaches them intonation and fluency.
  • Ask them questions about what they have read – question stems provided.
  • Read a variety of materials – poems, newspapers, leaflets, non-fiction books. Make sure they are challenged where possible!
  • Help them to understand and use new vocabulary – the more words they learn the more links they can make.


Grammar, punctuation and Spelling

The grammar, punctuation and spelling test will consist of two parts:
1)A grammar and punctuation paper requiring short answers
2)A spelling test of 20 words

Children are tested on:

•All basic punctuation (.  ,  ?   !)
•Sentence types (command, statement, question, exclamation)
•Past tense
•Prefixes (start of the word)
•Suffixes (end of the word)
•Joining words (and, but, because, when, if, or, that, so)



 A series of papers test the children's ability at the expected standard:

How can you help with maths at home?

  • Make sure your child is forming numbers correctly e.g. ‘0’ looking like a ‘6’.
  • Make sure that you child checks their answer.
  • Practise times tables .
  • Practise telling the time.
  • Ensure they complete their Maths Missions.


There is no formal test for writing, your children will have worked hard all year and are already improving their skills. They will receive a teacher assessment that will be a score for the work they have done all year. The assessments test your child's ability to write at the expected standard:


Your children are expected to be able to read and spell these words in their writing:


Some children will reach a greater depth of writing:

How can you help with writing at home?


  • Please ‘drum home’ the importance of capital letters and full-stops.
  • Keep practising spellings on weekly basis – the new LSCWC method is bespoke to your child and focuses on their weakness in particular.
  • Encourage your children to learn new vocabulary.
  • Practise handwriting.
  • Value their homework – is it their best writing?
  • Use standard English.
  • Read with them.

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