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Brayton Bee's Rhyme: I’m Brayton Bee - I’m a family guy. I’m buzzing and busy as the day rolls by. I flit and I fly, helping flowers to grow. When my work is done, then away I go. Back to my hive with pollen I race. Helping to make it a sweeter place. Be smart, work hard, with a smile like mine. And earn those bees for Golden Time!~~~ Look on the Brayton Bee page for next week's class targets.

Where in the world is Brayton Bee?

Here are the clues:


1. He is in a European Capital City.

2. He is visiting a tourist attraction which is 324 metres high.

3. It took two years to build from 1887 - 1889.

4. It is made of wrought iron.

5. You will have to take the Metro to Champs de Mars to see it.


Can you work out where he is?

If you can - tell Mrs Anderson (Geography Leader) or Mrs Berzins (History Leader) and you will be awarded with a Brayton Bee!