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New to October 2018

The way we teach spelling in school is changing. We are using year group spelling lists, compiled from words in the 2014 National Curriculum statutory guidance, phonic strings, high frequency words and commonly misspelled words.  The lists ('Brayton Spells - below') are split into weekly bite-size chunks. Spelling is a key skill and can quite literally be the difference between your child reaching age related expectations or not.

Children are to be taught age appropriate spelling rules in class and will then work with these rules in subsequent English lessons. They are to be taught the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' approach and they will use this to focus on new words and apply phonics and spelling rules when reading and writing. Please ask your children to teach you how to do this! It will also help your own spelling too!

Homework will come home once a week and will ask you to focus on learning the spellings of words which your child gets wrong in their writing at school. You will be asked to write sentences together using these words.

All the sheets you need will be sent home with the child, but below are downloadable copies for you to use if you would like to. Why not get ahead of the class and learn the lists that are coming up soon? 

FS Brayton Spells

Y1 Brayton Spells

Y2 Brayton Spells

Y3 Brayton Spells

Y4 Brayton Spells

Y5 Brayton Spells

Y6 Brayton Spells

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet

Homework Sheet - Brayton Spells