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Brayton Bee's Rhyme: I’m Brayton Bee - I’m a family guy. I’m buzzing and busy as the day rolls by. I flit and I fly, helping flowers to grow. When my work is done, then away I go. Back to my hive with pollen I race. Helping to make it a sweeter place. Be smart, work hard, with a smile like mine. And earn those bees for Golden Time!~~~ Look on the Brayton Bee page for next week's class targets.


Brayton Spells

We use our own special spelling scheme called Brayton Spells to help us teach the children tricky words for their writing.

It has been put together using the National Curriculum Year Group expectations for spelling.

Our scheme helps the children to learn common exception words and to use their application of phonics and letter strings. They don't just learn lists of words for a test - they learn how to improve their spelling and use good spelling choices in their writing. 

The children use the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' approach to ensure that they really know the key sounds and graphemes for spelling and can apply them from memory.


Click on the links below for the Year Group word lists and help sheets:

Foundation Stage Spells

Y1 Spells

Y2 Spells

Y3 Spells

Y4 Spells

Y5 Spells

Y6 Spells

LSCWC prompt sheet

Sentence grid for homework