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Brayton Bee's Rhyme: I’m Brayton Bee - I’m a family guy. I’m buzzing and busy as the day rolls by. I flit and I fly, helping flowers to grow. When my work is done, then away I go. Back to my hive with pollen I race. Helping to make it a sweeter place. Be smart, work hard, with a smile like mine. And earn those bees for Golden Time!~~~ Look on the Brayton Bee page for next week's class targets.

Start with a story activity

Mr Wrong by Roger Hargreaves


First read this funny book then have some fun with activities at school or at home:

1. Play an 'opposites' game with your friend - give each other instructions but remember to do the opposite!

2. Paint a picture of Mr Wrong's house before and then after he stayed with Mr Right.

3. Think of a new Mr Men story to write.

4. Make up a song about Mr Wrong.

5. Act out the story.

6. See if you can find some worms in the garden - don't hurt them - just observe them carefully and make some notes about them.