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Please join us for the Y6 Guard of Honour on Friday at 3pm on the KS2 playground. Break a leg to all the Brayton's Got Talent finalists - we are looking forward to a good show on Friday afternoon. Thank you for all your report reply slips - we are very proud of our children and hope you are too.

Year 4 Summer Term Topic

Year 4 Spring Term Topic 

Year 4 Autumn Term Topic 


Focus on Neptune


A poem about Neptune


Neptune is a complex class

With children tall and small.

Some who never like to come last

and some who won't race at all.


With some who are quiet and some so loud

and some with number skills.

Some with writing of which they are proud

and some who never sit still.


There's slow ones, kind ones, silent and sad,

some great at helping a friend.

Some are perfect - never bad

and some on whom you can depend.


Some are confident, some love art.

Some can talk all day.

Some like acting out a part

and some just love to play.


But if you are our class member,

Whatever you can do.

You should always remember,

we just love you for being you.



 Meet the children 

My name is Vincent and my hobbies are kickboxing and guitar. I also like football - I support Manchester United. I love going fast in fast cars. I like being with my family and watching scary movies. Also I like learning Maths, English and Topic.

My name is Joshua. I play football on a Saturday. I train on a Wednesday for our matches to get better. I play for TUFC. I love it there. Football is the best hobby ever.

My name is Ruby and I am really good at kickboxing. I'm on my green belt which is the 9th belt, unless you count my pink belt for Breast Cancer Research. I go with my best friend twice a week. Our instructors are all really fun and helpful.

My name is Jayden. My favourite skill is football and I like basketball and netball because you can throw the ball and dodge people. My other favourite thing is art. I love drawing because you can draw anything you want.

My name is Alfie and I like sports. My sport is football and I enjoy it. I play with Jayden and his football team and Jayden helps me to be a better football player and he encourages me so I can work hard and be a better player.

My name is Bobby and my special skill is football because when I was younger I used to watch a lot of football on the TV. When I used to watch football on the TV, I asked my dad if I could play for a football club and I did.



My name is Esme and my special skill is tramplining. I have been doing it since I was two years old, also I have lots of friends there too. I do it four times a week which adds up to ten hours. I love my coaches that train me.

My name is Samuel and my special skill is rugby. I have played it for five years at the same  Club. I support Castleford Tigers which are currently at the top of the league. I watch them on TV or at the stand. My position that I play in is a Winger.

My name is Joshua. I like being a pilot because it is a special skill and it is a very hard hobby to do. I also would like to be a part of the Red Arrows.  

My name is Noah and I really like football because I meet new friends. I support Man United. My favourite hobby is sports like football and cricket.

My name is Kayleigh. My special skill is dance because I like dance and I am very committed to to it. I started dance at the age of eleven months at baby ballet. I do five hours and five classes per week which includes two ballet, two tap, modern, creative and musical theatre.



My name is Amelia. My best subject is PE because it is fun and I am good at ball games.

My name is Harry. My special skill is being a footballer in midfield. I know I'm good at football because I scored 37 goals last season.

My name is Owen. My special skill in being scientific. I always know the position of the moon because of the time. I know most of the time what temperature it is. I know about Supernovas. I know when it's lunch by looking at the sun's position. I can track a fox or a hedgehog by using the tracks, twigs and leaves but it is extremely hard.

My name is Dylan and my skill is being creative. I like doing lots of models. It is a fun skill to have. Each time I use this skill it gets easier and easier. Also I was born with it. When I don't have models to build I do board games.

My name is Taylor. My skill is being creative beciase I like designing lots of games. I design them on the computer at home. I got this idea from starting in Y4 when I designed Rob, my computer and tablet's friend.

My name is Evie and one of my favourite skills is kick boxing. I go with one of my friends and she is a green belt and I'm an orange belt. I will keep progressing my skills to become the best I can be.

My name is Harry and my special skill is writing in school and at home. You build up your sentence stack and your main clause and then you have your dilemma and build up the tension around it and then you get to the end and you just want to write and write more and more.

My name is Amie-Leigh. I talk to people who are sad and cheer them up. I always let house guests do what they want. I play with my sister when she wants to. I like making friends because it makes them happy and I like to see that. I play with people who are lonely and unhappy.

My name is Gracie and one of my favourite skills is kickboxing. I go with my friend and he is on a red belt but I'm on a yellow belt. We have a sparring competition every year.





My name is Clio and I have many different skills but my biggest one is talking. I talk all the time, at home, at school, outside, inside and everywhere. Sometimes I get in trouble for talking but I can't help it. I also like singing which is like talking. I went to Young Coices and loved it but sometimes I can't help talking and singing.

My name is Libby. My secial thing is swimming because I'm really good at it and in the water I feel at home and free!

 My name is Emily. My special skill is horse riding because I'm good and I did it when I was four.